skytahSkytah can best be characterized as a crossover rock band with a distinctive style.

Skytah is the brainchild of Adriënn Pásztor (vocalist, composer) and Ben Humpig (guitarist, composer). Developing their own musical presence was key to unifying these two individuals, but the real dynamic is the connectivity between them that is immediately sensed on speaker and on stage.

The name Skytah was inspired by the Scythians, who were the first great nomadic group in Central Asia.

The band soon developed its own distinctive rock style but influences can be drawn from: Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Skunk Anansie and Alice in Chains.

After writing and arranging a host of songs in the early years, Skytah's career started getting more serious when they won a competition for free studio time and managed to record their first demo.

From this early demo in 2006 was born Skytah's debut album "Gypsy Mentality". The debut album and single of the same name went on to be very well received by the press. Along with the release of their debut album came the stepping up of their live gigs in various line ups throughout 2007 and 2008, soon building up a solid fan base and reputation for their live performances.

In 2007 the video for the single "Gypsy Mentality" appeared on the playlist of TMF NL Digital for several weeks. The video clip went on to be catagorized under the best watched video clips on the TMF website.

The single "Gypsy Mentality" received airplay on major Dutch radio stations as 3 FM and in January 2008 appeared on the 'Catz N' Clawz' CD by Fireworks Magazine, which is sold in all the Virgin megastores and Borders bookshops in the UK as well as online retailers throughout Europe.

Skytah recorded her second album titled "Breathe" in 2008 with session musicians Remco van der Sluis (drummer) en Kristoffer Gildenlöw (bass player). The band has recently joined forces with powerful new rhythm section: Jeffrey Bax (bassist) and Pjotr van der Made (drummer).

Most recently Skytah shot the video clip for upcoming new single "Lover's High". The band is currently busy promoting their new album and will soon embark on a host of live gigs.